Texas Brain Institute.
Revolutionizing Traumatic Brain Injury: Diagnosis. Treatment. Recovery.

Advances in the neurological sciences are occurring at warp speed.
At Texas Brain Institute, we’re proud to be at the leading edge of—and creating, in fact—many of those advances.

The technology to “see” and map traumatic brain injuries with unheard-of precision.
And an unmatched team of neuro-medical professionals to turn profoundly concise diagnoses into highly effective treatment and recovery planning.

All from one source. One institute. Texas Brain Institute.

Highest-Tech Imaging

As proven, 20th century MRI technology can only provide a partial picture of specific brain injuries.
Nor (due to its limitations) is it helpful in the identification of nerve injury (white matter).

Enter Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI).
A fully rotational, 3-dimensional imaging of the traumatized brain and, further, tracking and identification of changes in tracts density and neuro damages caused by head trauma.

This is 21st century, highest-tech diagnostics. This changes everything. This is Texas Brain Institute.

Unique Continuity of Care

At Texas Brain Institute, precision diagnosis is but the first step.
Our team of world-renowned Board -Certified Neurosurgeons, Neuropsychologists, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) Physicians and others are your fully committed partners and guides on the journey to recovery.

From Plan-of-Treatment to Plan-of-Recovery to Life-Care-Planning.

The One Team. The One Source. Texas Brain Institute.

A Critical factor in Legal Causes

Texas Brain Institute is active in all 50 US states to assist attorneys and legal representatives fight and prevail in cases involving brain injuries, memory loss and disabling nerve damage and associated pain.
Automobile accidents. Slips and falls. Sports injuries. Explosive blasts.
Our advanced imaging, diagnostic technology and well-documented expert testimony have contributed to:

  • Indisputable certification of physical brain trauma
  • Compelling visual evidence of short and long-term effects of the trauma
  • Life Care Plan for injured party
  • Accelerated settlements
  • Our record of success

We accept Letter of Protection (liens) for those represented by a counsel or self-paid.
And, of course, we will work directly—as patient advocate—with health insurance companies for those covered.

Here for you

If you’ve found us, it’s likely you or a loved one is suffering from Traumatic Brain Injury or nerve entrapment, we’re here to help.
We invite you to explore our site.
Our advanced technology and techniques.
Our remarkable and accomplished team.
Our unique and compassionate programs, protocols and approach.

The journey begins here.

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