Brachial Plexus – Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

Texas Brain Institute, LLC, with its clinical partner the Neurography Institute of Santa Monica (California), is a leading source in diagnosing and treating disabling nerve pain syndromes that develop after many types of traumas, particularly motor vehicle accidents.
Among the most important areas of disabling nerve pain after car accidents is Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS). A common causation of TOS is whiplash. In whiplash, the muscles and nerves in the neck are stretched and “snapped back”, in either a forward or side to side impact. The muscles and nerves can commonly be severely compressed by the restraining seatbelt resulting in injury. Furthermore, when the head and neck snaps back with the chest remaining fixed in position when we have a seatbelt on, the scalene muscles are very often stretched, injured and cause chronic pain by entrapping and compressing the nerves of the “brachial plexus” (nerves in the neck and shoulder).
Proving the details of a nerve entrapment, such as TOS has been a nearly impossible task in the past. Here at Texas Brain Institute, LLC in conjunction with Neurography Institute, we are the Center of Excellence for a dramatic breakthrough in identifying the details of a nerve injury or painful nerve entrapment by MR Neurography imaging. Texas Brain Institute and its clinical partner, the Image Based Surgicenter Corporation (IBSC) uses a specialized, open interventional MRI system to perform MRI guided injections that can further prove and successfully treat such nerve injuries and entrapments.
Diagnosis of Brachial Plexus disorder by MR Neurography exam will include images, clinical interpretations and subject matter expert report by the world-renowned neurosurgeon, Dr. Aaron G. Filler. Specifically,
1. MRI Neurography scan
2. Clinical interpretations of Neurography scan
3. Brachial Plexus Images indicating injury – see attached sample redacted images
4. Subject Matter Expert Report on Mechanics of the injury, and the relation between the impact and the resulting functional deficits. This Expert Witness Report (15+ pages with images) is backed by references and publications.
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