Initial Comprehensive Evaluation (ICE)

Clinical Evaluation available in Eight States;
California, Texas, New York, Ohio, Nebraska, Massachusetts, Idaho, and Virginia.

An Initial Comprehensive Evaluation (or ICE) report describes in extensive detail the clients’ medical, physical, neurocognitive status and psychosocial condition and needs. The Evaluation also assesses the clients’ resources and strengths, including family and other support systems, which can be utilized during service planning. Typically, the 30+ page complete evaluation is initiated with an immense set of neurocognitive tests tailored to address a patient’s unique difficulties.

The evaluation is completed by a double board-certified neurologist and will confirm the severity of the injury, create an individualized plan of car for the patient with recommendations for additional tests if needed.

Only Neurologists and Neurosurgeons are trained to evaluate and treat traumatic brain injury. Unlike other Providers, all of our test and screening during the initial assessment are conducted by licensed psychological associate and supervised by a Neurologist or a Neurosurgeon. Select screening tests are administered by Neuropsychologist, trained in brain structure and function.

This 30+ page Evaluation report includes a Detailed cause of Injury, History of Present Illness, Past Medical History, Review of Systems, Physical Examination, multiple intake forms, a summary of past imaging results, Professional Assessment and Plan. The report will also include an in-depth physical examination of the patient, various neurocognitive screening forms with conclusion of abnormal findings, as well as all previous radiological imaging results to adequately assess and diagnose a Traumatic Brain injury (TBI). The evaluation is concluded with a comprehensive Assessment and Treatment Plan that includes additional diagnostic tests, medications, and follow-up visits.

We are proud of our evidence-based practice protocols put in place to meet the highest standard of patient care. If a TBI diagnosis is then made, our state-of-the-art treatment process begins promptly.

We accept Letter of Protection (liens) if you are represented by a counsel in a personal injury case without any upfront cost or a retainer.  You may also pay out-of-pocket, or we will work with your insurance if your type of evaluation or treatment does have insurance coverage.