Evoked Potentials Test

Test available in Houston and Dallas


Evoked potentials are used to measure the electrical activity in certain areas of the brain and spinal cord. Electrical activity is produced by stimulation of specific sensory nerve pathways.

Evoked potential tests measures the brain’s response to sensory stimuli as a way of detecting and monitoring problems or irregularities with how the nervous system is functioning. The testing does not hurt, is non-invasive, and can last up to 1 hour. Evoked potentials tests can play a role in diagnosis MS, assessing hearing or sight, detecting nerve damages (such as to the optic nerve), diagnose and monitor diseases that damages nerves.

Texas Brain Institute is in conjunction with LifeSciences Imaging to perform various diagnostic testing such as Evoked Potential. LifeSciences Imaging has several locations across Houston and Dallas /Fort Worth area. LifeSciences Imaging accepts Medicare and is in-network with major healthcare insurance providers.

Contact Texas Brain Institute to learn more at 1-888-900-1TBI or email contact@tbi.clinic.