MR-Guided Injections
MR-guided injections with FDA-approved scar dissolving enzymes can help reduce irritation and swelling of the injured nerve, thereby relieving the associated pain. Open MR-guided injections have high accuracy, less discomfort, and less exposure to cancer-causing radiation and ultimately, a quicker recovery time.
We performed these MR-guided injections with optical guidance that allows stereotactic guidance of the needle into soft tissue, meaning a needle is guided into the targeted area using real-time MRI images. This allows for precise and accurate medication injection directly into the affected area, such as around the entrapped nerve. The medication used can help reduce inflammation and pain and improve overall nerve function. Deep tissue injections near the spine and nerves provide valuable diagnostic and therapeutic benefit in treating complex pain disorders of the nerves and spine.
Spine Surgery
Depending on the severity of your nerve injury, spine surgery may be recommended. In addition to suffering from an injury which can cause significant nerve damage in the spine, the spine can be affected by arthritis, degenerative wear and tear problems affecting the joints and discs, as well as a variety of other abnormalities that cause pain, numbness, and weakness.
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