DTI-Neuronavigated Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)
The brain is an electrochemical organ. We harness the science of electricity by utilizing DTI-neuronavigated transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), a non-invasive non-pharmacological treatment to help the brain heal itself. Our accelerated treatment protocols can help get you on the path to feeling like yourself again.
How does it work?
With TMS, a magnetic field is briefly generated in a handheld coil which passes harmlessly and noninvasively down into the brain and creates a small electric field in the outer layer (cortex) of the brain. This method can non-invasively induce neural activity, and when pulses are delivered repetitively, this can help produce long-term changes in neural activity by modulating the cortical excitability in the cortical neurons below the coil.
We use DTI as a guide to help neuronavigate our TMS treatments and can identify based on your DTI results and symptoms you are experiencing the best target for you. TMS Treatments can target post traumatic depression, anxiety, increased anger and irritability, headaches, tremors, speech issues, insomnia, balance, cognitive impairment, tinnitus, and more.
When possible, we offer accelerated TMS treatments where you can have multiple TMS sessions in a day, which can help reduce treatment time and may help achieve a rapid reduction in the symptoms you are experiencing after your TBI.