Migraine Headache

Treatment available in Houston, Dallas, and Santa Monica (California)


Headache is a very serious problem for many patients who suffer a head injury. At Texas Brain Institute, we are often able to permanently cure a headache with a single advanced procedure. In many cases, the headaches are caused by an injury along the back of the skull (occiput) where neck muscles attach to the skull. In that area, the Greater and Lesser Occipital nerves pass through the area of the occiput and run all the way forward to the forehead. At Texas Brain Institute, we use advanced MRI-guided injection treatment with FDA-approved scar dissolving enzymes to reduce and often completely cure this bane of life that adds to the problems of brain injury sufferers.
A migraine headache can be treated with Botox injections. These are generally done in the forehead and temporal areas (above/anterior to ears). This is generally a prospective treatment. It is difficult to tell which post-traumatic headache sufferers will respond. However, when it works, it works well and lasts for three to six months. If a patient has previously had Botox (e.g., for cosmetic use) and had a normal response, then they can be treated immediately. Once the Botox wears off at three to six months, the treatment can be repeated every few months.
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