MR-Guided Injections

Treatment available in Houston, Dallas and Santa Monica (California)


Texas Brain Institute, with its clinical partner Institute for Nerve Medicine (INM), use advanced MR-guided injection treatment with FDA-approved scar dissolving enzymes to reduce nerve associated pain.
These injections are useful in patients who have not responded adequately to rest, rehabilitation, and medications. The purpose of such therapeutic nerve root injections may be used as a treatment to help reduce irritation and swelling, thereby relieving the associated pain. It is also of use in patients as a last resort prior to contemplating or awaiting surgery.
Open MR-guided interventional procedures provide higher accuracy, less discomfort, and less exposure to cancer-causing radiation and ultimately, a quicker recovery time.
At Texas Brain Institute, we use State-of-the-Art Hitachi 1.2 Tesla Open MRI (Oasis) to perform these injections with optical guidance that allows stereotactic guidance of the needle into soft tissue. Deep tissue injections near the spine and nerves provide valuable diagnostic and therapeutic benefit in treating complex pain disorders of the nerves and spine.
Open MR-guided procedures have distinct benefits over X-ray or CT-guided procedures for many reasons, for example, X-ray creates 2-dimensional images, the X-ray/CT procedure is more uncomfortable for the patient, and finding a target is more difficult for the physician. Open MR-guided procedures provide zero radiation and yield high accuracy with minimal discomfort to the patient.
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